Happy Christmas!

Christmas time!
It is almost time, it’s alsmost Christmas! I really enjoy this time of the year, and I also wish you a happy Christmas! I wish Christmas will bring you:

Being together
Spending time with family, friends, or both. Having dinner together, enjoying a good time with the people you love. I wish Christmas brings you this!

To wonder
Christmas, or the time of the year we celebrate Christmas, was originally a Roman feast. Nowadays we celebrate the birth of Christ, or maybe you just celebrate you are happy to be with your family! For me Christmas is the feast of a new start. It is to celebrate how once hope came into this world, and regardless if you believe or not believe in anything, I think Christmas is a good moment to wonder about the hope we have: that in the end the good will always win.

Get inspired!
Christmas is also a time for watching movies, read a good book, or for going out! Whatever you are going to do, I wish you days are going to be filled with joy and inspiration! Happy Chrismas!


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